Cooking Tip


Here’s an easy way to store your greens, so that they stay fresher longer. Do this every time you buy fresh greens, and it’ll save you time when you’re ready to cook, too. We all could use a little more time, couldn’t we?

Storing your greens this way will make them fresh and save you a step, like when you make my savory green smoothie recipe.

Enjoy and thanks for watching!

I hate to buy a bunch of fresh herbs at the store, use a bit for a recipe, and have them go bad before I am ready to use some more for another recipe. I don’t like to waste food!

So, here’s a tip to make your life in the kitchen easier, plus have your herbs last longer — how to store herbs to keep them fresh and dry, so you can pull them out of your fridge and use as needed without having to wash and dry them each time. It saves so much time!

Check this out in action as I quickly add fresh herbs when I make my Savory Green Smoothie.

If you have other tips on how to store fresh herbs, please share in the comments section.

Enjoy and thanks for watching!